Sennett Livestock Sales

Just A Little Something About Us

      Sennett Sales Commission Sale was started in the mid 1930's by C.L.Doan & Elwyn

Maxon and operated jointed until
1951  when Mr Doan bought out Mr Maxon.  Doan with

the help of his sons operated Sennett Sales until January 1964 when he
sold out to his son

Benjamin ( Bud) Doan and his wife Mary.  The Doan's ran the sale until March of 1972 when

they sold to
Robert Hicks & Kenneth Spingler ( Hicks & Spingler Livestock Inc.)

      Later in 1973, part of the old barn was torn down and replaced with larger and more

modern facilities.  In January 1974 scales were added to the operation and started selling

beef, hogs, calves, etc by the pound.  Prior to this everything was sold by the head.  In 1978

another large addition to the sale was added.  In 1983, 2 more unloading docks were added

to speed up the loading and unloading of cattle.

      In January 1982, Mark Kent was employed by Sennett Sales as an Auctioneer.  In

October 1982, Mark became Sales Manager and Auctioneer and moved his family here to

reside in Sennett, NY.  In January 1987  Mark and his family purchased the 50-year old sale

barn and auction business from its former owners, Hicks & Spingler changing the name to

Sennett Sales Inc.  Mark grew up in the Southern Tier area working in the agriculture sale

business and attended auctioneer's school in Indiana.  Continuing a tradition of a complete

livestock commission sale every Tuesday & Thursday, selling livestock such as sheep, goats,

hogs, beef animals, dairy replacements and calves.  Besides continuing to serve the Livestock

Industry, the Kent's are responding to changes in the agriculture business by starting new

traditions.  In addition to the livestock market we offer a complete farm auction service,

complete dairies bought & sold, specializing quality registered & high grade dairy heifers &

always have Percheron Geldings ready to go. In July 1990 the Kent's installed a computer

system to speed up the record keeping and efficiency.  A fully electronic scale was installed in

October 1993. Mark has done basic upgrading on the barn facilities & restaurant remodeling

over the years. In 1996 Mark & the boys replaced  a storage barn out back that burned

several years past, added a garage to the barn & added a horse barn that now shelters our

Percherons. Mark & his family remodeled the house and added a pool that was a great baby

sitter while the kids were growing up.

      Our family has moved on to make memories of their own,  Kim is living in Bluffton, South

 Carolina.  She works at the Weston as a manager of activities for the resort.  Kara lives in

Suffolk, Va working as an athletic trainer part time and is working at a hospital in New Port

News,Va. taking x-rays. Kalan has recently  purchased the sale barn from his Dad,  taking

over the family business. Kalan has continued the Kent tradition learning the auctioneer

chant and running the sale barn. Mark & Sandy are enjoying the horses, showing them up

and down the Eastern coast from Maine to Florida, living at their place in Florida, as well as

helping the kids in anyway they can. They have changed the hitch name to Sen-Diron

Percherons  (Sen for Sennett and Diron for the street  Adirondack  they live on in Florida) .

If you have time check us out sometime, our schedule is here on the web site.  We may not hit

every show listed but we try to go to several different ones through out the year.  Kalan will

be working here at the sale barn for a long time to come, he loves the business and the cattle.

He has changed the name to Double K Livestock Sales, Inc , check him out sometime he is

doing well. The Sennett Livestock Barn business and its customers have served us well over

the years and will continue to do so in the future.


Located 4 miles east of Auburn, NY,
20 miles West of Syracuse, NY on Rt 5 in Sennett, NY

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